Turning Tables

I have almost missed the chance celebrating my coming of age. It was just one more month to spare for my eighteenth birthday until my Tita Ed asked me about my plan for my debut, having financial issues, I told her that it is okay for me not to spend a grand debut, maybe just celebrating it with my immediate family and close friends. But to make the story short, I did celebrate my eighteenth year.

It was a whole month that I juggled two important things in my life as of that moment– academics and celebration. Yes, I did organize my debut party because first, I don’t want my parents to get involved since they will already provide the kaching-kaching and also I do not trust their choices kasi oldies na. Second, expensive mag-hire ng events organizer and baka he can’t provide the things that I wanted so sayang pa ganun. Third, I wanted to take responsibility, since I do not want anybody to take control of the celebration (char possessive) but me. Of course this will be the like a preparation of the finer things that I will encounter soon. Anyway, I have Pinterest and Youtube naman.

For a month, I went to shops wearing my school uniform. I went to malls buying dozens of jars, bags of flour, sugar, cocoa, and marshmallows. I went to the seamstress weekly to get updated with the making of the gown. I went cake shop hopping inquiring about the naked cake I wanted for my debut, because some shops do not accept doing naked cake. I stayed all night, literally all night  (kasi naaabutan na ako ng umaga) doing my research because it’s as if I am the only one doing our papers. Not only research papers kasi June is the end of the last quarter, so as expected more more more projects and requirements to comply.

To conclude, I am very much proud of myself for the reason that I juggled two major priorities at the same time. I would say my debut celebration was a blast, thanks to my best friends who became my other body during the night since I cannot leave the couch all throughout the program. Hence, they did all the distribution of roses, envelops, and ushering my eighteens. On the other hand, I am able to attend the honors recognition day and all the work that I made has paid off. I belonged to the honors award with 91% average grade. Thus receiving the best gift on my birthday.

The tables have turned.



We always look back to the time when I almost killed the I-forgot-what-but-maybe-six-to-eight-month-old you with a pillow, remembering how bad a sister I am to you. Yes, that elder sister was jealous about your presence because she already have kaagaw in terms of Mama and Papa’s love, care, time, and attention. She still bullies you until you are all geared up to revenge and laugh at you until your blood reached the peak of the thermometer. Not a day nor hour did she call you KALBO for you have the thinnest strands of hair when you were young. She critics your words, she eyes on your actions, she even judges your performances.

Yet, ironically speaking, she’s one of the proudest sister anyone could talk to.

I am so proud of you and I love you. Although I act the other way. I find it hard not to tolerate your child-like character but I need to appear as the strict and firm elder sister. But I love you, and even though I tell you things that put you down, I am inuusog ng konsensya questioning how can I even afford to do such thing on you.

Just tonight, before your 13th birthday, you wanted me to hug you just like the other nights when I just shrug you off and tell lies like “I’m busy.” “Bata bata ka gid kaayo.” I’m sorry to hurt your feelings AGAIN. I love you.

 Good or bad you accept me for who I am, that makes you the most unique and special person in my life. Our relationship is as transparent as the transparent folder 😂 char lang.

Anyway, accept this humble gift, it shows how I appreciate your beauty because you are the sister that I don’t have a choice but to treat like a sister.

Green blooded

Maybe after how many proud posts about DLSU winning the 79th UAAP Women’s Volleyball Championship, ngayon lang nagsink in. Ngayon ko lang narealize na wala na si Fajardo, she’s not playing next season anymore. That means wala na lahat ng reasons kung bakit ako naging La Salle fan in the first place. It’s the urge of winning.

I remembered Aby Maraño, si Kapitana, I admired her never ending, ever firing leadership. Grabe ang game face at paglolook down kapag may mga off the block or kapag may matamaan sa mukha. Fave player, si Mich Gumabao, she’s not just a pretty face but a strong spiker. Sad ako nung di na siya naglaro on her last year in college. Kambal yan sila ni Aby ng ugali sa court hahaha mga maangas. Then there was Mika or Yeye crowd favorite, kaganda niya kasi talaga. Si Ara Galang, she’s amazing. Nung nagkaACL siya grabe worry ko for the team, takot akong mawalan ng ace player ang La Salle, by then nakilala ko sina Cyd tsaka si Kim. Sila din yung nag-champion sa beach volley so sabi ko wow galing nila. And they really are, kaso last year nang maglalaro si Cyd nun kaya sayang, di ko siya na-admire ng lubos. Sabay na nag bye bye sina Cyd, Ara, and Mika last season 78 grabe maka heart break yun. But that is not it pa pala kasi ngayong season mas masakit, si Fajardo my best player of the season, will end her UAAP career. She may not have that title pero gusto ko yung pag-lead niya sa team from firing hot (Maraño) to chill 👌pero andun ang pag-push niya sa team niya. First game of the finals, feeling ko makukuha na ng Ateneo ang first win pero nung si KAF na ang nasa service line she started the balooning of score kaya’t kumapit din ang team and they ended up winning the first and second matches making them the champion this year. “She deserved this kind of exit.” said Des Cheng, they offered this championship matches sa kanilang team captain na si Kim Fajardo.

Fajardo has the heart of a champion, HUMBLE IN VICTORY. She’s the best setter I knew, digs and spikes kahit setter siya. Basta I can’t express how strong my admirations for her. She stood strong despite the falling down of the team and thus lead the recovery.

I never expected I could write this long, mabigat kasi sa feeling na hindi ma-express ang sadness na na-feel ko. Fajardo is leaving but she’s leaving the team in a good note. Anyway, I’m loving Kianna Dy, Des Cheng, and Tin Tiamzon kaya I will never get tired rooting for La Salle. Green blood runs into my green veins. 💚


Everytime I talk to God this is the only thing that I wish for, a healthy family especially for my Nanay.

I always spend my childhood summer in our ancestral house in Banga with my Nanay, there she took care of us three– Kuya Pet, Ate May, and I. She trained us waking up early Sunday morning to go and attend the Holy Mass. She spoiled us with Disney channels, chocolates, sandwiches, movies, shopping, Jollibee, and a lot more. Before going to bed, she prepare milk for us because she said milk makes our skin glow, bones grow, and mind work.

Now, she’s already 82 years old. She’s old and weak. Nanay can’t eat and supply the amount of food her body needs. She sometimes craves for food but soon fails to eat those because of her change of mood. She moves so slow and without balance that makes me anxious everytime she takes a bath or step down the stair.

As much as I miss the old Nanay, I love to give back the things I received from her when we were young. The times when she prepared milk for us, cooked for us, shopped with us, tucked us in bed, clothed us, and wiped our pee and poo. These are given back to her although it’s not the same as what she did for us. Our efforts are still not enough that’s why I’m still praying for her health, that she will live longer and still see me achieve my goals for her. To show her how my skin glow, my bones grow, and mind work.

Seeing her happy smile is once in a blue moon but like the blue moon it is very much enjoyed.

A Letter To My Body-Concious Self

On my stand on self-confidence, it is not that I am really standing on it, on my idle time a random thought would sometimes pop on my thinking about my body. I admit, there is a part of me where I have been contemplating on my body, why is it so fat, what are the reasons behind it, whose genes did I inherit it from, why did my parents not control my appetite, how will I manage myself in the future, will people still love me despite of this body, and the likes. But I have something to say to her to remind her that she is human, she’s imperfect.

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50 Random Questions Tag

Thinking about something unique to blog about, something… random. Well, as fan of all these sprouting content creations on YouTube, I finally have another blog entry, and by the title it holds, 50 RANDOM QUESTIONS TAG. About the tag, I know a bunch of people to tag, about 42 to be exact, *smirks*

1. What is your best friend’s name?

I call them Baka and Kambing.

2. Who would you throw into the Bermuda Triangle?

Cupid 😀

3. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?


4. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Yasss, slippers too! They’re comfy.

5. Have you ever stolen a street sign?


6. Do you always smile for pictures?

Nah. How can I do blogger poses then?

7. Do you ever dance even if there is no music playing?

I have an inner ear so, yeah.

8. How many people have you slept with this week?

WHOA. WAIT. Just Veena. 😛

9. What is your song of the week?

Make You Feel My Love

10. Do you still watch cartoons?

Yes yes yes! Barbie, life in the dreeeaaamhouuuseee.

11. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

My (Nanay) grandma’s ancestral house.

12. Heels or flats?


13. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

High School Musical 1, 2 & 3

14. Last person you kissed?

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From Trashy To Classy


Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.

You don’t have to spend extensively for styling. Sure, high-end brands offer the most stylish clothes for you but so do Ukay-ukay.

Ukay-ukay is a one of a kind shopping store in the Philippines which in choosing and buying items you must “hukay” and “halukay” which means “to dig” and “to sift through” in Filipino respectively, thus coined as the term ukay-ukay.

Here’s how to mix and match your Ukay-ukay clothes, and will never look as cheap as its price!


First up! The trending “Patchy garments”. Patches can be in any kind of clothing, they can be found on shirts, jeans, bags, and shoes. In this outfit, just pair you patched shirt with a  pair of ripped jeans, and a pair of white plain sneakers. Now, rock this outfit.




Joining the line is the oversize long-sleeve shirt, this can be a dress or can be paired with your favorite jeans, leggings, or shorts. Loose shirts can also be good for us plump ladies *winks*



Next in line is the Maxi Dress, this  long in length dress can make a work short in styling either your formal or casual wear. Pair this with an elegant bag and a pair of heels for formal and classy look or a pair of white sneakers will also do for a more casual and edgy look.

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