We always look back to the time when I almost killed the I-forgot-what-but-maybe-six-to-eight-month-old you with a pillow, remembering how bad a sister I am to you. Yes, that elder sister was jealous about your presence because she already have kaagaw in terms of Mama and Papa’s love, care, time, and attention. She still bullies you until you are all geared up to revenge and laugh at you until your blood reached the peak of the thermometer. Not a day nor hour did she call you KALBO for you have the thinnest strands of hair when you were young. She critics your words, she eyes on your actions, she even judges your performances.

Yet, ironically speaking, she’s one of the proudest sister anyone could talk to.

I am so proud of you and I love you. Although I act the other way. I find it hard not to tolerate your child-like character but I need to appear as the strict and firm elder sister. But I love you, and even though I tell you things that put you down, I am inuusog ng konsensya questioning how can I even afford to do such thing on you.

Just tonight, before your 13th birthday, you wanted me to hug you just like the other nights when I just shrug you off and tell lies like “I’m busy.” “Bata bata ka gid kaayo.” I’m sorry to hurt your feelings AGAIN. I love you.

 Good or bad you accept me for who I am, that makes you the most unique and special person in my life. Our relationship is as transparent as the transparent folder 😂 char lang.

Anyway, accept this humble gift, it shows how I appreciate your beauty because you are the sister that I don’t have a choice but to treat like a sister.


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