Everytime I talk to God this is the only thing that I wish for, a healthy family especially for my Nanay.

I always spend my childhood summer in our ancestral house in Banga with my Nanay, there she took care of us three– Kuya Pet, Ate May, and I. She trained us waking up early Sunday morning to go and attend the Holy Mass. She spoiled us with Disney channels, chocolates, sandwiches, movies, shopping, Jollibee, and a lot more. Before going to bed, she prepare milk for us because she said milk makes our skin glow, bones grow, and mind work.

Now, she’s already 82 years old. She’s old and weak. Nanay can’t eat and supply the amount of food her body needs. She sometimes craves for food but soon fails to eat those because of her change of mood. She moves so slow and without balance that makes me anxious everytime she takes a bath or step down the stair.

As much as I miss the old Nanay, I love to give back the things I received from her when we were young. The times when she prepared milk for us, cooked for us, shopped with us, tucked us in bed, clothed us, and wiped our pee and poo. These are given back to her although it’s not the same as what she did for us. Our efforts are still not enough that’s why I’m still praying for her health, that she will live longer and still see me achieve my goals for her. To show her how my skin glow, my bones grow, and mind work.

Seeing her happy smile is once in a blue moon but like the blue moon it is very much enjoyed.


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