A Letter To My Body-Concious Self

On my stand on self-confidence, it is not that I am really standing on it, on my idle time a random thought would sometimes pop on my thinking about my body. I admit, there is a part of me where I have been contemplating on my body, why is it so fat, what are the reasons behind it, whose genes did I inherit it from, why did my parents not control my appetite, how will I manage myself in the future, will people still love me despite of this body, and the likes. But I have something to say to her to remind her that she is human, she’s imperfect.

Dear the Self-Conscious Karyne,

I know what you’re feeling right now. I know that you hardly stop yourself from eating dinner and snacks in between meals just to see that curves in your body. In your elementary years, you even joined the Volleyball varsity team to follow your hobby and of course to get in shape with your friends. You tried sneaking out to wash you face with the beauty soap of your cousin hiding it from your Mama for she won’t allow you to use it because you are still young. You see your friends being slim and having curves who do not worry finding the perfect size for them on shopping stores. You always think of buying clothes that would hide the love handles so you resort yourself to a loose and baggy top than a fit one.

Yes every slim body and fair skin is enough to wish for, you do not have that but you do not have to have that. You are you and no one can be the Karyne that you are today. *insert all self-motivating quotes you know here*

I know you already accepted you body, but that won’t mean you would settle for it as it is. Make use of it, make it as your unique identity.

Always think of this whenever you see yourself too weak for the world’s rejection, everyone has their own imperfections, so do you. You’re edge is that, you know how to deal with it.

Love with so much of affection,

Karyne ♥♥


18 thoughts on “A Letter To My Body-Concious Self

  1. Yes, we all have our very own imperfections and insecurities but the way you make this letter darling reminds my insecure self to be grateful for who I am too 🙂

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  2. I’m a HUGE body conscious myself too and I can’t help but relate to this post. If I’m the me before, being called ‘fat’ would be heartbreaking. Good thing I learned how to love myself the way I am! CHUBBIES ARE THE NEW SEXY! #PUSH #PLUMP #PAK

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    1. I love when people love their body despite of its flaws. As the Asia’s Next Top Model Creative Director coined the term “Flawsome” or making your flaws an edge to become awesome 😉 go plump bodies work it! 💪❤🐷


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