From Trashy To Classy


Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.

You don’t have to spend extensively for styling. Sure, high-end brands offer the most stylish clothes for you but so do Ukay-ukay.

Ukay-ukay is a one of a kind shopping store in the Philippines which in choosing and buying items you must “hukay” and “halukay” which means “to dig” and “to sift through” in Filipino respectively, thus coined as the term ukay-ukay.

Here’s how to mix and match your Ukay-ukay clothes, and will never look as cheap as its price!


First up! The trending “Patchy garments”. Patches can be in any kind of clothing, they can be found on shirts, jeans, bags, and shoes. In this outfit, just pair you patched shirt with a  pair of ripped jeans, and a pair of white plain sneakers. Now, rock this outfit.




Joining the line is the oversize long-sleeve shirt, this can be a dress or can be paired with your favorite jeans, leggings, or shorts. Loose shirts can also be good for us plump ladies *winks*



Next in line is the Maxi Dress, this  long in length dress can make a work short in styling either your formal or casual wear. Pair this with an elegant bag and a pair of heels for formal and classy look or a pair of white sneakers will also do for a more casual and edgy look.



After that is the knitted long sleeves, it can go with a pair of black leggings or in this case, a khaki shorts for a preppy look. For your shoes, just choose between sneakers, flat shoes, or closed shoes.



Followed by this lengthy velvety black office skirt. This is actually from Tommy Hilfiger, yes, I always see brands in ukay-ukay I just don’t buy it because it is not my style. This can be paired with loose tops, flannels, or button downs to make it more formal. I topped my skirt with another ukay-ukay, it is a loose shirt just to make the look more of a night-out style.



Lastly is the mini skirt, for us plump ladies, I suggest topping it with a loose cropped top to hide our love handles. This is a simple OOTD when you go to malls and just chill with friends, no one would know that they are from ukay!


I hope this trashy to classy styles will inspire you to go to ukay-ukay instead of spending your savings to expensive branded ones. Ukay-ukay have branded clothing too, plus with a little patience and sprinkle of luck from you fashion fairy, you will surely get to have fashionable and trendy ones.

Plus plus, it is cheap so hakot all you want and ukay all you want in ukay-ukay! 


23 thoughts on “From Trashy To Classy

  1. Actually, to be honest, some of the dresses being sold at thrift shops, such as in ukay-ukay and wagwagan, are far better than those being sold at classy apparel shops. 😀 Not to mention that they are cheaper. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Just don’t include the environment on the criteria, ukay-ukay will surely win. Hahahaha. Anyway, thank you for this comment, this made my blog post more credible now na ikaw na talaga ang nag-comment 😂


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