having a full rounded shape

For all my life, I’ve been called fat, chubby, overweight, and every adjective relating to those mentioned earlier. Of course, I am hurt. I felt nothing but rejection from the people I wanted to be friends with.

But! I am not here on my blog just to share the all time favorite drama of my life, I am here to share everything I learned from my experience. More of how I coped up and faced the challenges life had thrown and had been throwing to me.

How I accepted and loved my body, my flaws, my weakness, and every insecurities I had about myself.

Which lead to diverting my focus and built a plumper self where I found my passion, my talent, and my hobbies.

Here’s a self-motivating and confidence-boosting blog. Enjoy, and may the size of your heart be as plumped as Kylie Jenner’s lips. ♥


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